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Report: Online Economics Activity - Japan vs Taiwan -

After COVID-19, online shopping usage increased dramatically across the world. Let's read a report from GMO Research.

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Market Research and its Benefits

Learn everything you need to know about conducting market research, and how it will benefit your business!

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What is Marketing and How can Businesses Benefit from Market Research?

Here we cover the essential elements in a successful marketing strategy through market research—learn how to gain a competitive edge in your industry.

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How to Monetize Your Loyalty Program

Discover here the benefits of various loyalty programs, monetisation strategies, and the role of survey platforms in boosting customer engagement, satisfaction, and thus revenue growth.

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Key Points of Customer Retention

We all know it's important to keep customers. What can you do to boost your customer retention rate? Read on to find out.

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How to Increase Membership Engagement

Thinking about how to boost your business’ membership engagement rate? Find out more here!

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Marketing Strategies to Boost Customer Loyalty in 2023

The pandemic has changed how customer loyalty is achieved. Find out here some marketing strategies businesses can use to develop customer loyalty.

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Why Is Customer Loyalty So Important?

Customer loyalty is important to ensure your success, no matter what business you are in. Find out more about customer loyalty here!

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Power Your Loyalty Programs Through APIs

Improve the loyalty program in your business with the right API integration. Find out more here!

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Improve Customer Loyalty Through Market Research Platforms

Learn more about how you can build an effective customer loyalty program through market research platforms.

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Importance of Loyalty Programs

How does a customer loyalty program benefit your business? How do you implement it? Find out more here!

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