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October 20, 2023


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B Infinite is a Malaysian-based company that has been in operation for 13 years. It started out as a solution for Malaysian businesses to engage with consumers for the purpose of creating and retaining high value loyalty programs. Some of B Infinite’s client portfolio include names such as Chevron Malaysia, Berjaya Food Berhad and AIG Malaysia.

Today, B Infinite’s business model has taken many leaps forward in understanding their consumer markets on a much deeper level. B Infinite can ensure that the companies they partner with can leverage data that is the outcome of customer engagement behaviour. The company has also evolved from a physical loyalty card program to one with its own e-wallet infrastructure, which now sees an annual active member base of over 1 million people.
Left: Yau Su Peng (CEO)
Right: Lim Ai Lin (Partnership Lead)
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As B Infinite began to evolve its business model, it saw the need for the business to better understand their consumers’ needs. So, in 2015, the company embarked on its journey of participation in a panel network with GMO Research.


Benefits of being part of a panel network

  • It allows their business to explore new engagement methods and strategies.
  • It gives them the opportunity to understand their customers’ needs and engage with them beyond transactions.
  • It allows them to generate “rich content” within their company’s ecosystem through surveys and feedback that GMO Research prepares.
  • It creates an intrinsic value for B Infinite as a business through the valuable data it receives.



B Infinite saw a positive outcome in its collaboration with GMO Research as the business was able to draw valuable information from its customer base following its data collection endeavours. With GMO Research handling the generation of this information, the team at B Infinite was able to focus on other touchpoint areas with their customer base.

B Infinite saw significant multi-dimensional results from being part of GMO Research’s panel network, these being:


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Members within their point ecosystem
Who are actively participating in surveys in the first three years.


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Engagement rate after the collaboration
This is significantly higher than the market norm of 1% to 5% per engagement activity or campaign, or up to 15% with a good targeted push.


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Conversion response rate grew from lower 7%
This is due to the increased engagement rate, which saw members showing a higher tendency to click on merchant-based campaigns and promotions.


benefit icon1The creation of a “big subset” of B Infinite’s membership which enjoyed participating in surveys and receiving the company’s BPoints as rewards.

benefit icon2 Increase in business revenue due to more active members on the platform with increased engagement levels. 

benefit icon3Positive feedback from members engaging in the surveys as they see value in their participation. For example, receiving a free cup of coffee through doing a simple activity on the platform, or earning points that can be used towards transactions on the platform.

The shift that B Infinite saw in their customers’ engagement behaviour patterns also opened the doors for the company to introduce new reward strategies, including gamification on their app.



The company notes that it does face the challenge of consistency in year-on-year engagement levels between its customers and the surveys it rolls out. However, the open and trustworthy partnership B Infinite has with GMO Research gives them the confidence that the right strategies will be implemented by the latter to continue the positive partnership that has been in place since 2015.







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