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Engagement Lab is a trusted and proven solution provider for your consumer-tailored marketing strategies. As a service site operated by APAC’s leading market research provider, GMO Research & AI, companies that collaborate with us benefit from two decades of industry experience and expertise.

We provide API solutions that give our partners access to a powerfully rewarding program in its membership ecosystem. Through an audience engagement platform, members are able to earn exciting incentives simply through their participation in market research projects.


Audience Engagement Platform

Online research platform which brings Voice of Consumer to companies

Audience Engagement Platform


About GMO Research & AI

As a leader in the APAC market research industry, GMO Research & AI provides a one-stop online survey platform comprised of over 60 million real-life consumer panellists across 16 APAC markets. With over 170 partners across the APAC region benefitting from our collaboration to offering new rewards programs to its membership community—and unlocking new streams of income opportunities—GMO has become the choice marketing company for many businesses.

GMO Research & AI, which is part of Japan's largest Internet conglomerate, holds the highest standards in data and privacy security.


Market Share of our Consumer Panel

As of January 2023




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*2 Data source: “ESOMAR Evolution of the Data, Analytics and Insights Industry. A forecast into 2024”, “GMO Research 20th Annual Securities Report for the fiscal year ending December 2021”
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  • GMO

    Internet Group - the largest internet conglomerate in Japan.

  • 20 Years

    leading the market research industry in the APAC region.

  • Privacy Secured

    ISMS certification acquired company - ISO/IEC 27001: 2013

  • Over 60 Million

    consumer members registered across 16 APAC countries.

  • 170 Partners

    on our panel platform across 16 APAC markets.

  • 25 Million

    voices of consumers collected annually.

April 2002 GMO Research Institute was established in Japan.

GMO Research

GMO Research Institute (currently known as GMO Research & AI) was incorporated for the purposes of researching, gathering, and spreading information of P2P technology.

September 2004 infoQ, an internet research service, was launched in Japan.


infoQ is a platform that allows members to earn points by answering questionnaires, as survey panellists. Points earned can then be used for shopping by converting it into cash, or partners' points. As of 2022, infoQ has 750,000 members.

March 2011 Commencement of Cloud-based infoQ Japan Network.

infoQ Japan Network, which allow members access to multi-panel networks, was shifted to a Cloud-based platform and had an API linkage enabled. This allowed GMO Research & AI to increase the number of survey panels and the distribution channels of its questionnaires to panels with diverse attributes.

January 2012 Cloud Panel was launched.

Cloud panel

The launch of Cloud Panel allowed the company to offer a platform service which gave clients around the world access to multi-survey panels, and enabled the distribution of efficient and low-cost questionnaires. With the China Cloud Panel being its first launch, GMO Research & AI has since expanded its panel network globally. As of 2022, GMO Research & AI has succeeded in establishing the multi-country online panel network, known as Asia Cloud Panel, which is made up of over 60 million online consumer panellists across 16 APAC countries/markets.



November 2012 Signed a strategic partnership with US-based SurveyMonkey.


The strategic partnership between GMO Research & AI and SurveyMonkey enables users to benefit from the platform's user-friendly system. This benefits clients in Japan as they are able to access a globally renowned service, and allows survey programmers to create and provide surveys for online research easily.

June 2013 Established GMO E-Lab Marketing Research (Shanghai) Co, Ltd. - a GMO Research & AI's joint venture company in China.

Z.com ELab

GMO E-Lab Marketing Research (Shanghai) Co, Ltd. was launched with the objective of making it China's leading online research company.



November 2013 Established GMO Research Pvt. Ltd. in India

January 2014 Established GMO Research Pte.Ltd (which is now known as GMO-Z.com Research Pte.Ltd.), a consolidated GMO Research & AI subsidiary in Singapore.

Z.com Research SG



May 2014 Launched an integrated research platform, GMO Market Observer, for online research projects.

Market Observer

The Asia Cloud Panel provides highly integrated tool access to market research experts for the purposes of sampling, programming, and tabulation, in a one-stop platform that is connected to one of the largest panel networks in the Asia Pacific region.



October 2014 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market.

Tokyo Growth Market

June 2015 Partnered with the global panel marketplace platform provider, Cint.

The partnership between GMO Research & AI's Asia Cloud Panel platform and Cint's global exchange, OpinionHUB, has added 3 million more GMO Research & AI respondents to the 15 million active panellists in the exchange. This has allowed market research players to have a significantly extended reach of high quality, deeply profiled panellists across the Asia region via an automated process that Cint's DIY Access/Access Pro offers.

July 2017 Established GMO Research Sdn. Bhd. (currently known as GMO Z com Research Sdn. Bhd.) in Malaysia.

Z.com Research KL


August 2020 Launched the DIY survey sampling solution service, known as MO Lite.

MO Lite

MO Lite operates a service that allows companies to link their own DIY market research tools to recruit survey respondents directly from one of APAC's largest pools of research panellists. MO Lite offers a cost-effective solution for businesses as the survey prices are kept low.


November 2020 Acquired the ISMS (Information Security Management System) certification.


GMO Research & AI obtained the international ISMS certification standard ISO/IEC 27001: 2013, and the Japanese standard JIS Q 27001: 2014, both of which apply to the whole company.

January 2022 Established GMO-Z.com Research USA, Inc.

Z.com Research USA

GMO-Z.com Research USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of GMO Research & AI, Inc., offering an audience engagement platform that allows access to one of Asia's largest consumer panel networks, the Asia Cloud Panel.

May 2024 Changed its name to GMO Research & AI, Inc.

GMO Research & AI

As a response to the rapid advancements in AI technology and its profound impact on various industries, GMO Research, Inc. has officially changed its name to GMO Research & AI, Inc.

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