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September 7, 2023

Survey Report: Gaming Industry in Taiwan vs Japan 2022


The impact of COVID-19 in the past few years has had a large impact on the gaming industry, with many having to stay at home. In 2022, we enter the post-COVID era. The following report will analyze these questions in various aspects including about gaming platforms, mobile gaming, gaming systems, and etc.


Key findings

    • Compared to 2021, there was not a huge difference in the proportion of the population that played games. 86% of Taiwanese netizens had games installed on their phones, while this was around 67% for Japanese netizens.

    • The most popular games in Taiwan and Japan were puzzle games (Taiwan: 49.7%, Japan: 47.5%). Next were role playing games (Taiwan : 23.1%, Japan, 28.8%), and following that were simulation games. (Taiwan 20.7%, Japan: 21.0%)

    • The most widely played game console in Taiwan is the Switch (65.6%), while in Japan it was the Playstation (59.0%), followed by the Switch (54.8%).



Overall, the mobile market has not been largely impacted after COVID, so we recommend that the gaming industry aims to maintain the mobile market, to continue to develop paid content for players, and create more business opportunities in this way.



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Download the report here!



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