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May 2, 2024


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Ad2iction is a Taiwanese marketing technology company in the TNL Media Group which has been operating for the past eight years. The successful business began its collaboration with GMO Research & AI in June 2022, and within months of this partnership Ad2iction has seen significant positive results.

As one of Taiwan's leading MarTech companies, Ad2iction manages such clients as McDonald's, Warner Bros, Mitsubishi Motors and more. Therefore, it is crucial for the company to supply their clientele with comprehensive marketing services. This includes providing clients with the right advertising networks, capitalising on its extensive data analysis capabilities, and helping brands find the right target audience, and engage with their users via exclusive creative advertising.

  Reece Wu portrait
Mr Reece Wu
(Director of Business Strategy)





Ad2iction's collaboration with GMO Research & AI marks its first foray into a panel network. According to Mr Wu, the results this has generated have been nothing short of positive for the company.

Ad2iction embarked on this journey with several expectations. The company aimed to:

  • Increase engagement with its members via its app;
  • Increase the opportunity for revenue streams for both the group and panellists; and
  • Increase research projects as a channel to upgrade their product offerings.



The company embraced the additional benefits that emerged from their collaboration with GMO Research & AI, illustrated in the figures and statistics below.


member icon


Participation in survey programs
The proportion of users participating in GMO Research & AI-led programs is more than 90%, representing the program's attractiveness.


engagement icon


The usual participation rate
The engagement and participation rate of users who use their products or services, including surveys, programs and reward redemptions, is three times higher than before Ad2iction's collaboration with GMO Research & AI.


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2% - 3%
Retention rate
The company saw an increased retention rate of 2% to 3% on their app itself, and an increase in users’ active time on their platform within a few months of collaboration, which is a significant number for the company.


conversoin icon


100 to 150 memberships
Increased per month
On average, Ad2iction has seen an increment in its product membership of about 100 to 150 per month.


benefit icon1Increased app usage
Ad2iction saw an increase in its app usage by its members. Before the partnership, members used the app approximately once a week. This number grew to four to five times a week post-collaboration. This increment is attributed to its members being interested in participating in GMO Research & AI surveys, as they stand to benefit from membership points that can be used for redemption.


Overall, Mr Wu indicated that Ad2iction has thus benefitted in both monetising and member engagement through its panel network journey. Mr Wu also shared that its collaboration with GMO Research & AI has allowed the company to:

  • Get more rewards for their panellists;
  • Generate more awareness through infographics and articles; and
  • Grow its data collection, enabling Ad2iction to generate more industry-specific reports, which can be shared with panellists and clients.




Planning ahead, Ad2iction aims to collect zero and first-party data via its collaboration with GMO Research & AI. According to Mr Wu, Ad2iction is anticipating the future where cookies may be disabled for data collection. As such, the company must start generating zero and first-party data to fuel its upcoming market technology endeavours.

Through such data generation, they can gauge and use the members' profile data better than third-party-generated data. This also enables Ad2iction to provide its clients with a well-rounded understanding of the data generated.

Ad2iction is also keen on further extending its panel network collaboration with GMO Research & AI beyond its current scope to possibly look into future cooperation into segmented industry reports by country, region and trends. This is to allow Ad2iction to leverage the mutual knowledge exchange between them and GMO Research & AI, boosting their prominence as a group that is in tune with Asia's industry trends.







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