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September 7, 2023

Survey Report: Navigating the Malaysian Gaming Industry 2023

malaysia gaming 2023


With an impressive overall penetration rate of 85%, the gaming industry in Malaysia is a lucrative market for businesses and investors. This comprehensive analysis explores key demographics, popular game genres, and spending habits in Malaysia to help stakeholders take advantage of the growth in this sector.


Key findings

    • Penetration Rate
      Gaming in Malaysia has quite a high overall penetration rate of 85%, with 100% penetration rate for those aged 20 and under. Mobile games are the most popular, with Android being the main OS.

    • Popular Genre
      While puzzle is the most popular genre without in-game purchases, action, adventure, and racing are the most popular genres for games with in-game purchases.

    • Targeting
      For action and adventure games, we should target males and those 30 and under who play on consoles and PCs. On the other hand, we should target males and those 50 and under who play on consoles for racing games.



By following the right strategies, businesses will be able to optimize their growth potential while simultaneously attaining market share in the Malaysian gaming industry. Malaysia's high overall gaming penetration rate, combined with the unique demographics and preferences of its gaming audience, offers a promising market for investors and developers willing to tailor their offerings accordingly.



malaysia gaming 2023 report



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