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September 7, 2023

Survey Report: A Deep Dive into Australians' Transportation
Habits and Preferences

australia transportation 2023


Want to know what's driving Australians' transportation choices? Get an exclusive look at the latest data provided on vehicle preferences, commuting habits, and the rise of eco-friendly options in this captivating article.


Key findings

    • Arranging Transportation for Others
      64.3% of the respondents in the 35-44 age group are most likely to regularly arrange transportation for others.

    • Vehicle Landscape
      Gasoline/petrol cars dominate (77.2%), but younger individuals (15-34 years old) show a higher tendency to adopt hybrid and electric cars compared to older age groups.

    • Personal Travel Preference
      Gasoline cars remain the top choice for private transportation (70.8%), with trains (39.9%) and buses (36.0%) being the most popular public options.



Investing in eco-friendly transportation will encourage the adoption of electric and hybrid buses and trains, as younger Australians show a growing interest in these options. This will not only help reduce emissions but also attract environmentally conscious users to public transportation. Also, increasing frequency, expanding routes, and improving connectivity will make public transportation more convenient and practical for users, potentially encouraging a shift from private to public transportation.



australian transportation 2023 report


Download the report here!



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