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Our loyalty program service is provided by integrating a membership system with one of the largest online research platform in APAC. This service operates by consumer members receiving rewards through survey participation, which encourages more frequent logins—and potentially leads to more spending.

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API Integrated Solution

By integrating your membership system with our online research platform,
you will unlock new revenue streams for your business and improve consumer engagement in your own ecosystem.

Monetize API

Discover new revenue streams through collaborations with our online survey platform. Monetize API is a solution that businesses adopt to generate income simply by asking members to contribute in online market research. In exchange, Engagement Lab incentivises your members for each completed survey response.

What does this mean for your business?

  1. Enhanced incentives/points for your members will lead to increased spending in your ecosystem.
  2. Benefit from an easy API connection for your business without having to work on any developments on your end.
  3. The API will encourage members to log in more frequently to your site to earn more incentives/points.

Engagement API

In today's fast-paced interconnected world, it is important for businesses to engage with consumers the right way. Engagement API offers a solution for your business to enhance the dynamic engagement levels of your members toward your site/services through collaboration with Engagement Lab's online survey platform. Offering consumer research contributions will entice platform members with incentives, but that is only part of the benefits range we offer.

How can my business benefit from Engagement API?

  1. Discover new demographic/psychographic attributes of members through easy-to-conduct market research programs.
  2. Develop enhanced personalised marketing towards members guided by the rich data generated.
  3. Enhance your marketing campaign results by boosting member activation.

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