September 5, 2023

Industry Trends: 3 Marketing Strategy to Improve Player Retention


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The survey result in January found out that pandemic facilitates market growth of games in 2020, the study of game-market growth in March continues to address players’ behavior change. Do players still stay on the game when the situation gets back to normal? What kind of game are people willing to pay for? When do most players log in? How do people acquire relevant information?


Game market is decreasing

The latest survey revealed that the number of game players is decreasing. The quarantine and travel restrictions advanced the increased penetration rate of the game in 2020, and the number of game players is reducing as our life is getting back to normal from COVID-19 now. There were over 90% of netizens playing games in January, but it slightly decreased to 85% in March.

In the survey, the 16-29 age group shared a large part of the percentage in the game participant, and percentage share declined gradually as people got older. In addition, Taiwanese feel better about the general situation in March. People who predict the situation will be better in the next 12 months raised from 31% in February to 39.9% in March, and people who predict the situation will get worse in the next 12 months declined from 26.9% to 23.6%.


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People are willing to pay for playing MOBA

Trivia became the most popular game among male players in the latest rank and followed by Action/ Adventure, Role-playing, Strategy, and Sports in March. On the other hand, the rank of TOP 5 remains the same among female players, and Trivia is still the most popular game style in March. Comprehensively, the peak playing hour across styles is at 18:00 to 24:00 on both weekdays and weekend.

In terms of devices, most players prefer to use mobile devices which include mobile phones and tablets. The participants' mobiles are 61% of android operating systems and 39% of iOS, and people install an average of 4 games on mobile. Moreover, "preferred game type" is approximately 70% of players, and it is followed by "invited to join by friends or family" with 34.2% and "the game has been a hit" with 28.6%.

Although attractive game style and word-of-mouth are the keys to player acquisition, the reasons for players' turnover are very. The top 3 reasons why people drop the games they are playing are "other games that appeal to me more", "the game starting to charge or increasing game fees", and "finishing or getting stuck in the level of the previous game".


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Current players can be retained by attractive game type and good in-game experience, despite charging game fee may lead to a loss of players. According to the latest survey result, 59.5% of people were willing to pay for Multi Online Battle Arena (MOBA) with NT$779 per month. Secondarily, 50% of participants wanted to pay for First-person Shooting by NT$782 per month which is more than MOBA. The third game that people are willing to pay for was the Card game with NT$677 per month.


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App Store and word-of-mouth effectively impact game players

How do the game publishers and marketers arrange effective marketing communication channels? There are some obvious features of perceiving information among Taiwanese consumers. First of all, 73% of customers liked to watch videos before going to bed, and over 80% of the customers preferred recreation, leisure, and relaxation types of videos. Second, 66% of participants liked to read news on the website with comprehensive news resources, LINE today, Yahoo News for instance. Third, a large number of players were impacted by the recommendation from families and friends and followed by App Store or e-commerce platforms with 52.6% and 52.2% respectively. The last one is regarding the resource of game information, players greatly rely on the recommendation by families and friends followed by the recommendation on App Store or e-commerce platforms. Therefore, producing amusing advertising films, publishing the ad films on a news website or e-commerce platform, and advertising on App Store or e-commerce platforms are effective marketing strategies to improve return-on-investment rate.



Survey Agency: InsightXplorer Ltd.
Date: Mar 3 to Mar 8, 2021
Survey Method: Online survey
Respondents: People aged 16-60
Number of samples: 1500
Author: Mercy Shao



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