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September 7, 2023

Survey Report: Video Gaming Behavior in Taiwan - March 2021


The majority of video gamers in Taiwan are male and young netizens. We found these two segments not only indulge themselves in gaming more frequently but also show diversity in the gaming platforms.


Key findings

    • When it comes to choosing games, nearly 70% of mobile game players say the first thing they take into consideration is their own preference; however, invitations from friends/word of mouth and what's trending at the moment are also influencing factors.

    • Games which users show the greatest purchase intent are MOBA, AR games and first-person shooter. The one with the largest paid amount is AR games.



  • We suggest developers and agents to put their focus on cross-selling or bundle-selling items/equipment/accessories for tech-driven games. While for puzzles, which only require low skill level and have not many heavy players, work on getting avertising revenue instead of charging players.

  • Whether a mobile game is fun enough or whether its attraction can last is the key to retain players. In addition to one's own preference, a player might choose to spend time on a different game that draws more interest. Continuous revision or creating new topics/content will be useful in keeping the game fresh and trending.



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Download the report here!



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