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September 7, 2023

Survey Report: Travel Spending Behaviors in Taiwan
- November 2020


The November travel budget is about the same as how it was after the peak summer season. In addition, it’s much better than how it was before the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. Even though the domestic travel subsidy scheme has ended, there are as high as 70% of Taiwanese with plans to take domestic trips.


Key findings

    • Domestic Travels: The travel frequency of outdoor spots has gone up slightly. On the other hand, the young groups have started to make more visits to indoor attractions. This means cultural events/performances/exhibitions can expect their participation rate to grow.

    • Overseas Travels: As global pandemic is seeing no stabilizing trend, international travels are not likely to resume until after June 2021. As high as 85% of Taiwanese perceive the global pandemic as a severe crisis.



  • Owners of indoor attractions can start laying out new strategies as exhibitions/performances might have more and more visitors, especially the youth or opinion elites.

  • Businesses can launch marketing campaigns specifically for amplifiers, most of whom have already got plans for New Year's Eve. With their online influence, it would help a lot to increase the brands' popularity and boost sales.

  • Even though it's not the right timing to promote overseas travels, businesses in the ecosystem can put their emphasis on raising brand awareness, increasing brand popularity and staying in touch with consumers.



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