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September 7, 2023

Survey Report: Travel Behavior in Taiwan - July 2020


With Taiwan's success in containing the outbreak, the curve of people's declining travel budget has also been flattened. While COVID-19 is still rampaging across the globe, the majority of Taiwanese opt for domestic travel instead of taking overseas trips. On the other hand, people are paying more visits to outdoor scenic spots than indoor attractions.


Key findings

    • Domestic travel: Percentage of people with travel plans has risen from 55% to 75%. Their primary concerns in picking the destination have also changed from spacious outdoor areas to scenic spots.

    • Overseas travel: As for when overseas travel will resume, people continue to pushing their answers to later dates, from the beginning of next year to April or May 2021.



  • As summer vacation is here, people are starting to make travel plans. Businesses can take this opportunity and attract customers by showing how unique they are to distinguish themselves from normal tourist spots in the marketing campaign.

  • As the outbreak is contained, Taiwan is seeing a boost of demands in rental cars, public transport and hotel accommodation. Businesses in the tourism ecosystem should take this opportunity, deep dive into customers' needs and create thoughtful marketing campaigns to win customers' heart.

  • It would be wise to start targeting those who have strong demand for international travels post COVID-19. For customers who cannot wait to travel overseas for personal leisure, family trips and business travels, start talking to them or launch sales for future flights. For people eager to honeymoon abroad, create tailor made packages.



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