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September 7, 2023

Survey Report: Travel Spending Behaviors in Taiwan - May 2020


The pandemic has begun to abate in Taiwan, but people still don't go on trips as they used to do and their travel budget continues to shrink. Among all the tourist attractions, only outdoor scenic sites were not hit by coronavirus as hard as the others.


Key findings

    • Domestic travel: Around 55% of the respondents plan to take trips in the near future. When picking the destination, their primary concerns are whether it's outdoor or in a spacious area, whether it's easily accessible, and if there's a promo package.

    • Overseas travel: People expect overseas travel to resume at the beginning of next year.

    • The highly active social media users who love hangouts/outings, show more willingness to take trips.



  • Domestic tourism is slowly reviving. When Taiwanese choose where to go, the majority prefer outdoors or somewhere spacious. In addition, easy access, discounted prices and promo packages are also favorable.

  • We suggest businesses to stay in touch and have conversations with your customers. Show your target audiences that you care and understand their needs. Do all of the above to make sure your customers still feel the same about your products/brand despite the change in lifestyles.

  • Target the groups wanting to travel and design tailor made travel packages to fulfill their needs. Hopefully, with active online discussion in the community, the influence can be expanded to push forward the rebound of travel industry and make more people want to travel.



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