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September 7, 2023

Survey Report: Travel Industry in Taiwan - March 2020


Taiwanese feel Japan COVID-19 situation is much worse than Taiwan and nearing crisis level; as a result, it is impacting all their expenditure towards Japan. Both in terms of traveling and buying Japanese goods in Taiwan. Good news is there is still strong interest and future demand for Japan, and Opinion Leaders & Amplifiers actually will spend more on some Japanese products and services.


Key findings

    • Categories such as Household Goods, Medicine and Health Supplements, Package Foods are likely to see boost in demands, while Luxury items, Travel, Alcoholic Beverages industries will be the worst hit.

    • However, when focusing on Japan, only demand for Medicine and Health Supplements from Japan is holding steady with all other product categories from Japan expecting big cuts in spending. Worst hit is Travel industry with majority already cancelled (or cancelling) their Japan travel plans.



  • Pick your audience smartly: Focus on the Opinion Elite and Amplifier audience as they are more likely to increase spend on Japanese products in Taiwan and travel to Japan once the virus situation is under control.

  • Pay attention to ‘how/what’ you message: During this anxious times your product and services are among the many things that ‘will not be consumed’ in the same way and/or in the same mindset. There is good opportunity.

  • Stay agile and revisit your marketing & channel strategy: Consumers are less likely to be visiting crowded places and this can have big implications for your marketing touch points and sales channels.



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