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September 7, 2023

Survey Report: Skincare Routines and Spending Behaviors
in Taiwan - June 2021


Since Taiwan raised the level 3 COVID alert, people have adjusted their daily routines to accommodate the disease prevention restrictions. Hence their work and grocery shopping patterns are changed, and so is their skincare routine.


Key findings

    • In Taiwan, as high as 97.7% of women use skincare products and 78.1% of men do, too. The usage rates of skincare products are in the following order - face cleansers, lotions, toners, and sunscreen/sunscreen mists. In addition to the high usage rate, women also use a high variety of products.

    • Although we can't be sure how long the outbreak will last, 20.5% of people believe they will use skincare products more often in the next 3 months. The usage rate appears to be inversely proportional to age.

    • The most powerful information sources attributed to skincare purchase decisions are "Facebook posts from groups/pages/friends" (30%) and "Social media influencer's ecommendation/endorsement" (30%). As to offline sources, more than half of the respondents show their trust in "Recommendation from family/friends."



  • To minimize physical contact, people are buying groceries in bulk in one go or shopping online more often. For skincare market whose demand continues to grow, brands shall make changes in their distribution channels. As people are visiting online shopping malls more often, it is wise to increase brand exposure in the right channel.

  • In addition to the brand's reputation, businesses should not forget the importance of niche marketing, which includes establishing communications with those under 29 via videos and forums, strengthening brand connection with networking sites or influencers to capture the hearts of people in the 30s and emphasize on providing official information because the 50s highly value it.



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