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September 7, 2023

Survey Report: Skincare Routines and Spending Behaviors
in Taiwan - December 2020


After the skincare routine transition in October, the overall December skincare budget has dropped to the same level as August and October.


Key findings

    • Women above 40 have significantly higher percentage in using cream/facial cream and eye cream than the other age groups.

    • Taiwanese women are inclined to buy department store brands with higher prices for functional cosmetics like cream/facial cream, eye cream and serum. Medical grade cosmetics emphasizing on the functions and effects are also popular facial skincare products.

    • For women above 30, they show consistency in their skincare brand awareness, preference and what they buy. Kosé, Estée Lauder and SK-II are their top picks. On the other hand, women under 30 pay more attention to price-performance and allergic reactions.



  • We suggest brands and retailers to focus on the 20-29-year-olds and amplifiers - those who often track/discuss about the latest news and are active on social media. For the 20-29-year-olds, discounts and promos are particularly appealing and are likely to trigger impulsive shopping.

  • The success of Dr. Wu, the Taiwanese skincare brand shows that localized products with the solutions to the weather in Taiwan and Taiwanese ladies' skin problems can be a great opportunity to create new products that fulfill Taiwanese women's skincare requirements.



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