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September 7, 2023

Survey Report: Investment Plans in Taiwan - April 2021


When Taiwanese do their income budgeting, 58.3% choose saving over investment, 20.2% allocate their money for investment rather than saving, while14% decide to save half and invest the other half. Nearly 25% of men above 40 put more money in investment than in their savings account, and almost 30% of opinion elites are doing the same. These two segments are, apparently, with a better grasp of personal finance and more willing to take risks for profits.


Key findings

    • The most popular investment among respondents is Taiwan stocks, with as high as 60% of people saying they either already have or will have Taiwan stocks in their portfolio.

    • Nearly 90% of people are using online banking services. Banking apps have 74% of usage rate while web banking has 57.5%. The majority of users are found to be between 30-40, and they use basic features the most.

    • On average, the respondents expect themselves to retire at the age of 61.9. 56% of them have already made financial plans for retirement.



  • Male, people above 40 and opinion elites are segments more willing to make investment. However, preferred investments differ by age group. Financial institutions and organizations can offer a wide range of selections for different segments to meet their financial goals.

  • For those between 18-29 are not well acquainted with financial literacy yet, sharing information/knowledge on financial instruments can help boost your brand and attract young investors with micro investing products.



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