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September 7, 2023

Survey Report: Gaming Behaviors in Taiwan - January 2021


According to the average time spent and sentiments toward paying for gaming, we categorize Taiwanese gamers into 4 segments - hardcore gamers, shrewd gamers, fast-track players and casual players.


Key findings

    • 22.3% of hardcore gamers: The majority is between 30-39, mostly male. They work full-time, have high income, willing to pay for downloading games and spend during games.

    • 10.3% of shrewd fans: They are heavy players, mainly 16-29 and the majority are students. They prefer free games and would rather not spend money on them.

    • 25.2% of fast-track players (whales/dolphins): These are moderate gamers, mainly above 30. They play no more than 6 hours per week, willing to pay for downloading/playing games.

    • 42.3% of casual players: These are light gamers, largely between 40-50 and mostly female. They play no more than 6 hours per week and prefer free games.



  • COVID did trigger a slight increase in gaming frequency for Taiwanese gamers. Therefore, the focus of mobile gaming development/design should be how to draw gamers' attention during their fragmented time.

  • Young gamers, the 16-19-year-olds in particular, show greater enthusiasm and attention to video games than the other age groups. Creating connection with young gamers is an investment that game developers/agents must make to establish brand recognition and foster customer loyalty.



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Download the report here!



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