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September 7, 2023

Survey Report: Esports Market in Taiwan - November 2021


More than 60% of Taiwanese internet users back the proposal to recognize esports as a sport and agree that esports should be strongly promoted in Taiwan.


Key findings

    • Among the esports players, more than 80% follow esports tournaments, 30% of whom say they often or always do.

    • More than 20% of internet users are esports gamers. On average, they spend 2.6 hours on weekdays and 3.5 hours on holidays.

    • Nearly 40% of internet users have participated esports events. In these events, they usually watch past tournaments and videos.



COVID-19 has brought about the development of stay-at-home economy, and esports is one of the prospering businesses that's grabbing the attention of gamers. Therefore, gaming platforms, game developers and accessories vendors should track closely how esports events are organized and how consumers choose their favored gaming accessories.



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Download the report here!



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