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September 7, 2023

Survey Report: Impact of COVID-19 in Taiwan - September 2021


After the alert was lowered to level 2, sentiment towards the environment and covid situation had become more positive. However, it's now turning negative because of the recent delta infections found in EVA air pilots and the preschool cluster. People's vaccination intent shows no falling trend even though the alert level has been lowered.


Key findings

    • Nearly 40% of netizens are cutting their budget next month.

    • Medicine/health supplements is the product category with the most budget growth. Household goods and packaged foods also have around 40% of budget growth.

    • Stocks and ETFs are the top choices of Taiwanese investors. 40% of them are inclined to invest for the long haul while 20% prefer short term trading.



The lowered covid level has not shown any impact on people's demands for packaged foods or household goods. We can assume that the demands will remain because people still rather stay home and make fewer trips outside.



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Download the report here!



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