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September 7, 2023

Survey Report: Impact of COVID-19 in Taiwan - August 2021


Now that the situation abates after weeks of stringent COVID alert, the government has eased the restrictions from level 3 to level 2. Meanwhile, Taiwanese netizens are becoming more optimistic towards the macro environment in the coming year.


Key findings

    • While there were only 10-20% of people showing high vaccination intent in May, the percentage has now grown to nearly 70%. In addition, 40% of the respondents have been vaccinated.

    • Nearly 20% of Taiwanese netizens are increasing their spending budget for the next month while 40% are reducing theirs.



While people are making fewer trips outside during the COVID alert, young groups (those under 39) continue to increase their budget for packaged foods. This remains to be an excellent opportunity for e-commerce companies to reinforce and improve their marketing strategies on packaged foods targeting young consumers.



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Download the report here!



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