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September 7, 2023

Survey Report: Impact of COVID-19 in Taiwan - December 2020


As the number of imported COVID-19 cases increases, Taiwanese government has launched Fall-Winter COVID-19 Prevention Program, reinforcing the preventive measures starting from December 1st. For Taiwanese female consumers, their perceived severity of COVID-19 has not only gotten worse, their expectation on when life will return to normal has once again prolonged to September 2021.


Key findings

    • Women under 30 are much more optimistic towards the next 12 months than those above 30. However, their level of optimism has gone down slightly this month compared with October.

    • For the next 3 months, medicine/health supplements, household goods and packaged foods will still be the main categories which people spend on.

    • For family reunion dinner over lunar new year, the majority says the dishes will be prepared by themselves or their family, while female consumers prefer ordering dishes from restaurants directly. On the other hand, 16-19-year-olds prefer having reunion dinner at restaurants.



  • As lunar new year is around the corner, female consumers will be attracted to products such as clothes, shoes and domestic trips. It is likely that they will spur their spending over the new year holidays if domestic packaged tours, promos/discounts on accommodation/restaurants are available.

  • Food/beverage brands and restaurants should enhance their online services/online shopping processes, or even consider partnering with ecommerce or food delivery platforms to meet the needs of female customers.



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