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May 2, 2024

Red Envelope:
Unleashing the power of loyalty programs through surveys

Red Envelope
Red Envelope is a Taiwan-based company that offers its members access to a mobile reward app which seamlessly integrates a variety of reward-point based systems in one place. The company has seen significant growth since launching in 2017.

Today, Red Envelope has over 9,000 merchant collaborations across Taiwan, and over 1 million members using their app, and Michael Lin, the founder of the business, has shared plans to continue expanding the business across Asia, with the ultimate goal of bringing a loyalty program that operates trans-border.
  Michael Lin
Michael Lin (Founder)



In the world of loyalty programs, companies often struggle to keep consumers engaged and excited about accumulating reward points. So, these programs can become fragmented, leading to points that often go unused or expire, leading to a loss of members.

However, seeing these challenges as a potential, Red Envelope found two key solutions to overcome them.


  1. Creating a seamless loyalty program
    Red Envelope enables its members to utilise points acquired from multiple reward-based programs, and redeem them conveniently at collaborating merchants across Taiwan.

    The company has also expanded into Singapore and Malaysia , and are looking to enter the Japan market too. With their regional expansions, Red Envelope is making plans to make their reward redemptions trans-border.

  2. Implement a survey channel
    Create a new channel for members to increase their point collections and cashbacks by deploying surveys that are led by GMO Research & AI. This channel, which was implemented in 2018, has proven to be a highly-effective tool in engaging its members.



The partnership between Red Envelope and GMO Research & AI not only brought a new function to the Red Envelope system, but also served as a tool to augment user engagement. According to Michael, its members found an easy and convenient way to grow their digital wallets on Red Envelope, because survey participation, and reward collection, could be done in minutes.

Michael also acknowledged that they have noted trends amongst their members who are participating in daily surveys and collecting substantial reward points.


service image




As a result of this survey partnership, Red Envelope has shared that they have seen a win-win situation for their business. This includes:


member iconIncreased app launches
Since their collaboration with GMO Research & AI, Red Envelope has seen an increase in the frequency of app launches. This heightened connectivity, which is crucial for a digital platform, has allowed for improved interaction between Red Envelope and its members.
member iconIncreased merchant redemptions
As members are able to conveniently collect rewards through the surveys, merchants collaborating with Red Envelope have also noted an increase in customers. This is a strong motivation for Red Envelope to continue its partnership with GMO Research & AI.
member iconAlternative way to earn points
The significance of this alliance became even more pronounced during the COVID-19 pandemic. With restrictions on movement, the partnership provided users with an alternative way to earn points without visiting merchants in person. This innovative solution not only sustained, but positively boosted member engagement for Red Envelope during those challenging times.




Red Envelope is also looking forward to the potential future benefits that the collaboration with GMO Research & AI is set to bring, especially within the scope of the latter’s Asia Cloud Panel, which is one of the largest panel networks in Asia.

According to Michael, the company’s future benefit expectations include:

  • Finding potential members within the Asia Cloud Panel and increasing their membership.

  • Boosting the drive for Red Envelope’s international expansion as GMO Research & AI has partners and members globally.



As Red Envelope embarks on its regional expansion, Michael has shared that he hopes to continue capitalising on GMO Research & AI’s survey capacities and Asia Cloud Panel, especially in regions like Japan where GMO Research & AI has a robust presence. Seeing the benefits that the integrated survey platform has brought to the business in Taiwan, he acknowledged that his team is eager to integrate the survey system in their further international launches.







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