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May 2, 2024

Revolutionising the Mileage Ecosystem through API Integration and Survey Platform Collaboration

In a world where customer engagement and retention are paramount, MileVerse, an app service created by Korean-based TrustChain Co., Ltd, has emerged as a trailblazer, redefining the usage of mileage and points through its unique business model.

Integrating a diverse range of loyalty programs into a unified currency MVP (Mile Verse Point), MileVerse has crafted an ecosystem where scattered points become powerful. MileVerse, aptly named by combining 'Mileage' and 'Universe,' offers an app service which integrates various mileage and points into a single currency, MVP.

This integration allows users to earn MVP through exchanging scattered points, direct purchases, or via rewards and app content. The versatility of MVP extends to its usage; it can be spent at offline affiliate stores, used for purchasing digital gift cards, or even withdrawn as cash under certain conditions. Additionally, the app offers unique entertainment content, further enhancing user engagement.
  Hyunwoo Lee
Lee Hyunwoo (Senior Manager)

MileVerse service



Prior to joining the GMO Research & AI survey panel platform, MileVerse faced two primary challenges:

  • Maintaining customer retention

  • Monetising their app effectively

The sporadic nature of mileage accumulation led to irregular app visits by customers, impacting both engagement and potential revenue streams. MileVerse sought innovative ways to increase revisit rates and explore new methods for revenue generation through app traffic—which led them to the collaboration with GMO Research & AI.


MileVerse's decision to join the GMO Research & AI survey panel was strategic and centred around three key features:

  1. Surveys offered a sustainable form of reward content, with customers actively participating and generating revenue.

  2. The user-friendly UI/UX of the survey content was anticipated to boost customer participation.

  3. Partnering with a subsidiary of the reputable GMO Group provided the necessary confidence and security for this international collaboration.



MileVerse anticipates integrating GMO Research & AI’s surveys swiftly, aiming for promotional success that benefits all partners. Their journey with GMO Research & AI has already yielded significant daily sales and revenue growth, setting a strong precedent for future collaborations.


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Increase in active panellist engagement
Though early in its implementation phase, MileVerse has already seen a 330% increase in active panellist engagement in the second month, post-launch. This spike is a promising indicator of future revenue growth for the company. Leveraging regular survey participation, MileVerse plans to conduct content activation promotions to further engage their user base.





Joining the GMO Research & AI survey platform has yielded multiple benefits for MileVerse:

  1. Quality Content Delivery
    The addition of surveys diversifies app content.

  2. App Monetisation
    Surveys provide a new revenue stream for both customers and the company.

  3. App Ecosystem Enhancement
    Surveys contribute to a circular structure within the app, enhancing the utility of MVP.

Unexpectedly, this partnership also revealed a new business model for MileVerse—using surveys as a marketing tool to attract new customers.

service 2



According to Mr Hyunwoo Lee, the senior manager of MileVerse, the API integration with GMO Research & AI initially appeared daunting, but MileVerse found the process run more smoothly than expected, thanks to the proactive support from the GMO Research & AI team.

However, MileVerse did address suggested improvements that can be deployed in the future, such as providing Korean development resources for direct communication and consolidating documentation for better clarity.



MileVerse's innovative approach to integrating a fragmented mileage ecosystem, coupled with the strategic incorporation of the GMO Research & AI survey platform, demonstrates the power of API integration in enhancing business models. Their journey offers invaluable insights for potential clients, showcasing the ease and efficiency of API connectivity and the multifaceted benefits of collaborative platforms in our digital age.







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