May 22, 2024

Industry Trends: Unveiling Consumer Attitudes Towards Smartphones in Taiwan


Taiwan Smartphone  - Feb 2024



This analysis is based on an online survey conducted by Engagement Lab from February 6th to 14th, 2024. The survey collected data from 834 Taiwan internet users aged over 15, with the aim of providing insights for business decision-makers on consumer perspectives in the post-COVID era.


Future Perspectives on the Smartphone Industry

Taiwanese internet users have given an average score of 75.9 out of 100 when asked about the direction of the smartphone industry over the next 12 months. This indicates that the majority believe that the industry will head in the right direction.


Chart 1


In terms of the necessity for significant changes in the smartphone industry, internet users gave an average score of 74.67. It's worth noting that the demand for industry change is relatively higher among those over 40 years old.


Chart 2


Regarding the government's regulatory attitude towards the smartphone industry, internet users gave a total score of 59.75. This suggests that most Taiwanese netizens believe that the government's regulatory stance should maintain the status quo, without special market intervention.


Chart 3


Smartphone Consumption Attitudes and Habits

At the same time, when asked about their budget for smartphone consumption in the next year, internet users gave an average score of 61.59, indicating that most people believe their spending will be similar to the past.


Chart 4


Furthermore, when asked about their first impression of the smartphone industry in the past year, "convenience" was the most common response from netizens.


Chart 5


Acquisition of Smartphone Information and Product Recommendations

Almost 80% of the Taiwanese netizens acquire smartphone-related information through online devices, followed by offline media, such as physical locations and newspapers/magazines.


Chart 6


In terms of smartphone product recommendations from various countries, Taiwanese netizens gave the highest score to Japanese products at 6.71, followed by Taiwan at 6.58.


Chart 7


Finally, the three most important factors that Taiwanese netizens consider when purchasing a smartphone product are "cost-performance ratio" (65%), "practicality" (64%), and "innovation and technological application" (60%).


Chart 7

 Engagement Lab will continue to track the Smartphone Consumer Survey of the Taiwan public and update survey data, monitoring market trends and changes in consumer demand.



Research by: Engagement Lab
Survey Date: February 6th to 14th, 2024
Methodology: Online survey
Target Group: Taiwan internet users aged over 15
Sample Size: 834
Editor: TNL Research
Review by: Tatt Chen

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