September 5, 2023

Powering Loyalty Programs
Through API Integration


API integration



Loyalty programs have become an integral feature of the modern business landscape—many businesses are adopting them to stay ahead in highly competitive markets. Companies can retain, foster brand loyalty and boost sales by incentivising customers. However, managing a loyalty program can also be challenging, especially for companies with a sizeable customer base. So, it is highly recommended that businesses power their loyalty programs through Application Programming Interfaces (API) integrations.


What is API integration?

APIs are a set of protocols that allow different software systems to communicate with each other, enabling the integration of data and functionality. Incorporating APIs allow businesses to activate and manage their loyalty programs efficiently and seamlessly, significantly reducing the man-hours needed to manage the program.

APIs function as the “middle-man” between different applications, transmitting the requests required, such as payment processing, retrieving customer data, or uploading content on a business’s social media platforms. For example, in a traditional loyalty program setting, a company may rely on CRM (customer relationship management) software for customer data management, and a payment gateway to manage transactions. However, an API creates a streamlined process as this can be integrated into different operating systems, and data transmission can occur in real time.


Benefits of API integration in a loyalty program business

An API integration can offer businesses with a loyalty program various benefits and opportunities. It enables seamless integration of loyalty program functionalities into a merchant’s existing system and customer touch-points, making it easier for customers to utilise the loyalty program—and for the merchants to manage.


Other benefits of an API integration include:

  1. Enhances customer experiences: Through API integration, businesses can deliver a personalised customer experience by analysing customer data. An API will retrieve necessary data, such as the customer’s shopping and transaction patterns, and allow them to receive promotions and advertisements tailored to their needs. As such, this creates a higher opportunity for purchases within the loyalty program.

  2. Creates a new revenue channel: APIs enable businesses to open up new revenue streams as they can monetise the data generated or services provided through partnerships and integrations with other companies. For example, in this case study, TesTee, a Japan-based marketing-related company, noted a 20-fold increase in its revenue after implementing Engagement Lab’s API solutions with its customer-oriented mobile survey application, Powl.

  3. Expands business reach: APIs allow businesses to extend their reach beyond their customer base as they can make their products and services accessible to third-party developers. This gives loyalty program businesses access to a new pool of customers, enabling steady customer base growth.

  4. Streamlines business operations: As APIs can automate processes and integrate disparate systems, a business can look forward to significantly reducing man-hours, thus reducing hiring expenses while improving efficiency.


Implement a market research platform through our APIs

By powering your loyalty programs through one of Engagement Lab’s API streams, you will maximise your business capabilities. Whether you choose to have an API that can be monetised, or one that can boost engagement rates, Engagement Lab can offer you the right solution.



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