September 5, 2023

Industry Trends: Decoding AI Adoption in Taiwan - Perceptions, Concerns, and Expectations

Taiwan AI


As an emerging technology, AI has the potential to greatly impact our lives. This survey, conducted by the Engagement Lab, reveals the perceptions, concerns, and hopes of Taiwanese internet users regarding AI, offering valuable insights for decision-makers across various sectors in the post-COVID era.



The Engagement Lab conducted an industry survey from July 15 to July 20, 2023, among Taiwanese internet users aged 16 to 60. The study, which collected 981 responses, aimed to provide insights for business decision-makers on the public's understanding and engagement with AI in the post-COVID era.


Awareness and Understanding of AI

The study found that 94.8% of respondents had heard about AI. Males showed a slightly higher awareness than females, whereas respondents aged between 51-60 demonstrated the highest awareness. Among all AI-related technologies, "voice recognition" was the most known, recognized by 59.9% of respondents, followed by algorithms and machine learning at 59.1% and 56.9%, respectively.

On a scale up to 6, over half of the respondents (51.3%) rated their understanding of AI at a score of 4 or higher, indicating that they somewhat understood AI. The average self-rated understanding score across all respondents was 3.51.


Concerns and Expectations

The primary concern among respondents was an over-reliance on technology (67.6%), followed by privacy infringement (61.1%) and reduced human interaction (52.9%).

On the other hand, 66.9% of respondents expressed hope that AI would improve convenience in daily life. Other major expectations included promoting societal progress (59.7%) and improving personal efficiency (57.5%).


Trust in AI for Decision-making and AI Regulations

While most respondents showed some level of trust in AI for important decision-making, complete trust was relatively low, with only 4.2% of respondents indicating full trust. Younger age groups (16-30 and 31-40) showed a somewhat higher level of full trust.

Regarding AI adoption, more stringent government regulations were considered the most decisive factor by 60.3% of respondents. Transparent data management policies (48.4%) and adequate knowledge of AI (47.5%) came in second and third, respectively.


Usage of Generative AI Applications

ChatGPT was the most used generative AI application (39.2% of respondents), followed by Bing AI (27.6%) and Microsoft 365 Copilot (26.2%). In the workplace, the most used applications were ChatGPT (42.7%), Microsoft 365 Copilot (31.0%), and Bing AI (28.8%).



Given the public's main concerns about over-reliance on technology and privacy issues, enhancing the safety and privacy capabilities of AI products could help increase adoption rates. Engagement Lab will continue to track the AI usage habits of the Taiwanese public and update survey data, monitoring market trends and changes in consumer demand.



Execution by: Engagement Lab
Survey Date: July 15 to July 20, 2023
Methodology: Online survey
Target Group: Taiwan internet users aged 18-60
Sample Size: 981
Editor: TNL Research
Review by: Tatt Chen

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