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September 7, 2023

Survey Report: Impact of COVID-19 in Taiwan - April 2021


Our April survey finds no significant change in Taiwanese people’s sentiment towards the environment and their expectation on when life can be normal again. In general, people are optimistic about the macro environment in the upcoming year. While the coronavirus situation abates and becomes stable, people's intent to get vaccines changes accordingly.


Key findings

    • Although the overall budget is slightly lower than March, budget for non-necessities is showing signs of rebound this month.

    • Our report finds more than half of Taiwanese have stock (including ETF) in their portfolio. However, if analyzed by gender, men investing in stock is 10% higher than that of women. As to those who rather hold onto cash, there are 18% of women and 12% of men.



  • Travel businesses should make strenuous efforts on their ties and communications with opinion elites.

  • The more optimistic about the COVID situation, the lower the intent to get vaccines. More than 50% of all and 65% of women show low intent in April. Retailers and travel businesses should keep their eyes on people's intent to get vaccines.



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Download the report here!



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