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May 2, 2024


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Nestia is a one-stop lifestyle app company headquartered in Singapore; it has been in operation since 2016. With over 1.3 million download users in Singapore, Nestia offers users access to daily informational and lifestyle necessities, such as the news, travel planning, movie ticket bookings, mobile payments, lottery, umbrella rentals and more. With the success of its business, Nestia has begun to plan regional expansion, with Malaysia being the first international launch destination.   Cheryl Wang portrait
Cheryl Wang
(Head of Business Development)





Nestia is part of GMO Research & AI’s panel network, and the two brands have been on an active journey since April 2021. According to Ms Cheryl Wang, Head of Business Development, Nestia’s experience as part of the research panel has been nothing short of positive thus far.

Nestia operates as a user-based platform, providing service and information to its customers. By being part of the panel network, Nestia is able to:

  • Positively engage its users by enabling them to earn points on their platform via GMO Research & AI-led surveys.
  • Optimise the services provided to consumer members by leveraging on the data collected through the surveys.
  • Achieve their company’s objectives of enhanced user engagement and experience.
  • Increase customer engagement for survey pushes as their customer base sees the surveys as a part of the platform




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8 times
more revenue from its survey services
Compared to its collaboration with another survey company, Nestia has seen highly positive growth in its business with GMO Research & AI.


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Increase in active members
Members are kept active on the platform through the steady flow of surveys provided by GMO Research & AI monthly.


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Increase in transactions
Enhancing user engagement and experience through the cashback benefit ecosystem, as members are entitled to use the points earned through surveys on the platform for other transactions.




While Nestia has shared a positive experience, Cheryl does acknowledge that its main challenge is to continuously bring in new users to their platform, to be active members of the surveys offered.

Cheryl believes that the partnership between the Nestia and GMO Research & AI will continue to grow and evolve. She said that the results they have been generating from the survey efforts have piqued the interest of their clients, so allowing them to refer to GMO Research & AI as they work towards expanding the panel networks.







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