September 5, 2023

Industry Trends: The Booming Podcast Market in Taiwan 2023


Taiwan podcast 2023



Podcasts are not a recent innovation, but with the impact of the pandemic, technological advancements, and people's increasing need to fill fragmented time, they have steadily become a global trend. Who exactly are these listeners, and what significant business potential does the podcasting market hold? The May 2023 report by Engagement Lab provides a comprehensive look into Taiwan's evolving podcast landscape.

Taiwanese podcast listeners:
Predominantly male, younger audiences, YouTube is the most popular platform

Sixty percent of Taiwanese people are aware of podcasts (58.6%), and nearly half of the population has listened to them. Among these listeners, 24.5% have been tuning in for nearly a month. The majority are male (56.3%) and primarily between the ages of 16-30 (33.8%) and 31-40 (28.8%), with an average listening experience of one and a half years.

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Where do people listen to podcasts? Surprisingly, YouTube is the podcast platform of choice (45.2%). With a large user base in Taiwan and high familiarity, the appeal of visual elements and YouTube's content recommendation system helps attract more podcast listeners. Many podcast creators simultaneously upload video versions of their podcasts on YouTube alongside the audio-only versions on podcast platforms. Other popular platforms in Taiwan include Spotify (29.9%), Apple Podcasts (24.7%), Google Podcasts (18.8%), and KKBOX (15.3%).

Main motivation for listening to podcasts:
Entertainment and learning

The primary motivations for listeners are to enjoy interesting or entertaining content (83.6%) and to gain knowledge (82.9%). Convenience is also a significant reason that podcasts are becoming more popular, as over 80% of listeners appreciate the ability to access content anytime, anywhere (82.4%). Moreover, four-fifths of listeners listen to podcasts to fill their spare time (81.0%). People enjoy podcasts in various scenarios: over half of the Taiwanese population listens to podcasts while resting at home (54.9%), and about two-fifths listen while using public transportation (44.4%) or doing household chores (38.0%). Other listening situations include mealtimes, work, study, bedtime, driving, and biking. Notably, one in ten listeners allocate specific time for podcast listening (13.5%).

Listening habits: Loyalty and weekly engagement

Over 90% of listeners engage with podcasts on a weekly basis, with nearly 30% listening five to seven days per week (26.9%), and 48.6% tuning in two to four days per week. The average duration of listening ranges from 31-60 minutes (50.4%), with a mean of 45.5 minutes. Approximately 80% of podcast listeners have favorite shows they listen to regularly, with most selecting 1-3 shows. Podcast listeners display interest in programs focusing on entertainment, movies, and pop culture (36.7%), business and finance (35.9%), 3C technology (33.8%), news and politics (30.7%), and comedy/talk shows (29.2%). Language learning (26.0%) and career development/personal growth/professional knowledge (24.3%) programs are also popular, indicating a strong demand for self-improvement opportunities in knowledge and skills. However, the audience's favorite programs often feature hosts with distinct personal characteristics, such as "Gooaye," "Bailingguo News," "Froggychiu," "Lady Flavors," and others, regardless of the show's topic.

Podcast advertising:
Positive perception and willingness to pay among listeners

Listeners generally have a positive attitude towards podcast advertising, with most not minding ads in the shows, accepting ads to support free programming, and believing that ads do not affect their listening experience. Over half of the listeners agree that a host's recommendation may increase their goodwill and trust in the promoted product or brand (52.5%), while about half believe podcast advertising is an excellent way to promote a product (48.7%) and are willing to share product or service information obtained from the programs with friends and family (46.7%).

The podcast industry possesses vast potential, as one in ten listeners has purchased advertised products or services mentioned in the programs (10.9%), and four out of ten have considered purchasing them (40.2%). Despite this potential, advertisers and podcasters should be cautious, as nearly 60% of listeners believe that frequent recommendations of poor-quality products or services may lead to lost trust from the audience. Moreover, 55.9% of listeners prefer ads that are related or similar to the program's theme, and 49.8% prefer ads featuring user experiences or testimonials.

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Seize on the podcast opportunity

According to survey data, the podcast market in Taiwan has great potential, with loyal and weekly engaged listeners who have positive attitudes toward advertising. We recommend advertisers actively partner with podcast programs featuring hosts with unique viewpoints and stand-out personalities. Programs that mix knowledge and entertainment are likely to be the most appealing content. Businesses can take advantage of this by using podcasts for brand promotion, effectively advertising their products while building a strong brand image. For podcast creators, it is important to carefully choose recommended products, ensuring they are relevant to the content and of high quality to maintain trust with the audience.

The podcast market in Taiwan is set for continued growth, and Engagement Lab will keep updating the latest industry trends. Stay tuned for more useful insights!



Source: Engagement Lab, GMO Research, TNL Research, Generative AI
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