December 16, 2023

Industry Trends: Japanese Travel Trends Amidst Currency Depreciation


Japan Travel Oct 2023



Facing the depreciation of the yen, cumbersome procedures, and concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, the obstacles to overseas travel for the Japanese are gradually emerging. However, with the spread of vaccines and the easing of border controls, the desire to travel is gradually warming up, despite the numerous obstacles. In this context, "individual travel" has likely become the first choice for Japanese people for both domestic and overseas travel.



In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Japanese government began a vaccination campaign against the XBB.1.5 variant in October. The government is offering free vaccinations, mainly recommended for people aged 65 and above and those with underlying health conditions. This vaccination campaign will continue until March of next year.


The Willingness of Japanese People to Travel

According to the latest survey by Engagement Lab, about 29% of people plan to travel domestically in the next six months, while 8% plan to travel overseas. 58% of people have no plans for domestic travel, and up to 86% have no plans for overseas travel. Also, 8% of people plan to travel domestically for business, while only 2% plan to travel overseas for business.

In terms of overseas travel, the most popular style of travel is "individual travel," accounting for 64%, followed by "independent travel (partly arranged by travel agents)" with 24% and "group travel" with 21%. For domestic travel, "individual travel" is the most popular too, accounting for 86%, while "independent travel" and "group travel" account for 9% and 6%, respectively.

Chart 1


The Most Popular Overseas Travel Destinations

Popular overseas travel destinations include South Korea, Taiwan, and Hawaii. The biggest obstacles to overseas travel for Japanese people are the rising travel costs caused by the depreciation of the yen (45% of people have no overseas travel plans for this reason), "cumbersome procedures" (32% of people), and "worries about COVID-19" (22% of people).

Chart 2 Engagement Lab will continue to track the travel preferences of the Japanese public and update survey data, monitoring market trends and changes in consumer demand.



Research by: Engagement Lab
Survey Date: 2023-10-12 to 2023-10-16
Methodology: Online survey
Target Group: Japan internet users aged 16-60
Sample Size: 1325
Editor: TNL Research
Review by: Tatt Chen
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