September 5, 2023

Marketing Strategies
to Boost Customer Loyalty in 2023


customer loyalty marketing



It is no secret that the pandemic has changed the dynamics of gaining and retaining customer loyalty for many businesses and industries. E-commerce platforms and online shopping have given customers convenient access to various brand—many with highly competitive price points and benefits that have customers switching between brands with the best deals.

So, businesses need to stay abreast of customer behaviour, or one step ahead, by adopting the latest marketing strategies that can boost customer loyalty. In doing so, companies that are quick to implement the newest marketing strategies can gain an advantage over their competitors, as the marketing landscape continues to evolve.


What is loyalty marketing?

Loyalty marketing is a strategic approach applied by marketers to nurture long-term relationships with customers. This is often done by adopting a consistent strategy of providing value and exceeding customers’ expectations. Usually, loyalty marketing focuses on rewarding and incentivising customers for their ongoing patronage of the brand. Different brands may approach loyalty marketing differently, depending on the industry. Still, the value-adds are often done via personalised experiences, loyalty programs and targeted promotions that enhance their brand experience.

Loyalty marketing is beneficial to increasing customer retention, reducing churn rate and encouraging customer advocacy. This, in turn, results in higher customer value in the long term and enhances the brand’s reputation in the industry, thus playing a significant role in a business’s success and development.


Marketing strategies to increase customer loyalty

While there are many different strategies that a business can apply to encourage and increase customer loyalty, it is essential to understand that the customer loyalty game has changed quite a bit, especially in this post-pandemic era. Here are some strategies that marketers are adopting in 2023 to boost customer loyalty:


  1. Promote and incentivise the signing up of loyalty programs: For businesses already running a loyalty program, encourage its uptake through staff promotions or pegging an immediate incentive upon registration, such as discounts, gifts or rewards.

  2. Gamification: Incorporation gamification makes the most mundane task more exciting. For example, adding a badge collection each time a customer participates in a campaign increases their chances of returning, thus boosting loyalty.

  3. Rewarding loyal customers: Brands have started acknowledging the importance of their long-term loyal customers and have leveraged them to be a voice of authority. For example, at the recent mobile launch by Samsung, the mobile tech giant hosted their Members Stars, which are made up of recognised loyal Samsung customers from around the region, and collaborated with them to promote the latest S23 series.


How to leverage your customer base
to grow your loyalty business

Many consumers are heavily engaged in technology with access to high-speed smart devices. This enables them to stay connected as they move around—which is something that businesses can capitalise on. For example, companies can use API-integrated solutions to harness engagement, or monetary objectives within their ecosystem. This can be through surveys integrated with a business’s mobile application platforms, with reward points as an incentive to encourage customer loyalty.

Businesses need to boost crucial customer loyalty, especially in today’s competitive landscape. By implementing various marketing strategies, brands can foster long-term relationships with their customer pool, driving sustainable growth and development in the always-evolving marketplace.



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